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Installation & Instruction for the welding saddles

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Use of RAKtherm welding saddles:

• Subsequent extension of existing pipe systems.

• Alternative use to tees, especially in maintenance and alteration jobs.

• Direct branching of a service line to a supply line Preparation for welding Mount the RAKtherm saddle welding tool to the welding machine. Once the tool is  positioned, check that the surface temperature is in the range of 260 degree C (described in “Using RAKtherm welding Device & Tools”). Make sure that the surface to be welded is clean and dry.

Drill out the pipe at the welding point with a spiral drill bit. If necessary, clean the hole from any burrs. Caution is to be taken in drilling the correct depth and diameter see below. When drilling, make sure that the opposite pipe wall is not reached, otherwise, the pipe will be damaged

After drilling, remove the remaining aluminum at the entrance of the hole with a chamfering device. Heat up the pipe with the tool for 30 seconds. Subsequently, heat the saddle along with the external surface of the pipe for another 20 seconds, total of 50 sec for the pipe. Make a light pressure with the saddle on the tools. Make sure that the entire surface is in contact with the heating tool. After finishing the heating phase, remove the welding unit and insert the welding saddle nozzle into the heated drilled pipe hole. Fix under light pressure, avoiding rotation for an additional 30 sec.

For RAKtherm Stabi pipe The system may be exposed to full load after 15 minutes of welding.

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