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Transport Storage

PP-R and PEX pipes & fittings system for servicing a booming construction sector worldwide and in the Middle East in particular under the trade. More

RAKtherm…a versatile, and comprehensive system for water
and other fluid delivery, is used in applications of pressurized warm or
cold water in all modern residential. More

During transportation and storage, RAKtherm piping system components could be exposed to open air at any temperature for short period of time provided that it is kept in the shade protected from direct sunlight. However, at temperature below 0°C, the material becomes more susceptible to damage if hard blows are delivered. Hence, at low temperature, the material has to be treated with more caution. It is not recommended that RAKtherm pipes and fitting be stored in open air for long period of time.

Additionally, a solid base is recommended to avoid any deformation of pipes during transportation and storage. Even though RAKtherm pipes are extremely robust it is recommended to treat the material with care.

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Gulf Plastic and Converting Industries (TahweelTM) is a multifaceted manufacturing company based in United Arab Emirates, which supplies various


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