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Potable installations inside houses,
high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals
and virtually all types of commercial
and residential buildings. More


PE-X (cross-linked – X; Polyethylene - PE), is a modified and condensed structure of the polyethylene molecule developed especially to improve its physical properties. More


RAKtherm always maintains the highest standards of quality for its users. To support this, RAKtherm warrants a
10-year guarantee for all its piping
network components from the date of purchase. (Please ask your local representative for details). More


Maintaining A High Level Of Quality

RAKtherm maintains a highly comprehensive quality control management program. Be it the designing process which follows certain specifications, choice of raw materials, packing, storage, shipping to customers, or the continuous customer servicing and support, RAKtherm assures absolute high standards of quality control.

 This is accomplished by following the Quality Assurance Program with focuses on ensuring total quality and not localized quality. The overall quality system is operated and documented by RAKtherm and is implemented right through our plant. The overall system has been designed to exceed requirements stated by national and international authorities and institutions. Regular checks are done by neutral bodies, to further eliminate any chance of quality deviation. This is yet another quality assurance we guarantee to our customer. A well-designed manufacturing process includes establishing the required specifications, and strictly adhering to them throughout the manufacturing process.


This is assured by precise machinery, well trained staff, and continuously updated and modernized equipment. Ultrasonic measurement and in-process data recording on the production lines identify real-time changes in the process and assure that any deviations on the quality of the product to the set standard is avoided.


Quality Guarantee

Enjoy 10-YEAR GUARANTEE for all our RAKtherm piping network components starting from the date of your purchase. Please ask your local representative for details.

Corrosion & Chemical Resistance - An Ideal Solution

Leak-free, rust-free our RAKtherm plastic piping solutions are ideal for modern, residential, high rise, and industrial building. We have developed PP-R 80 which is used in all our RAKtherm piping systems. It has high corrosion resistance properties and has very high resistance to the common chemicals that are found in, virtually, all household detergents and disinfectants. The unique properties of PP-R 80 surpasses the components used in the traditional piping systems and hence ensures a longer working life, besides being less prone to premature failures and having less maintenance costs.

When it comes to withstanding temperature, it can stand up to 70˚C and can work seamlessly. We ensure more 50 years life expectancy for each of our products, though it also depend on the installed system pressure and pressure changes. It is not to be missed that a permanent temperature rise from 70 ˚C to 90 ˚C will accordingly reduce the operational life of any piping product. However, temperature rise up to 100 ˚C in short time frames are usually unproblematic.

PP-R 80…An Ideal Solution

RAKtherm pipes and fittings are designed to withstand constant temperatures up to 70 ˚C. The service life expectancy depends on the installed system pressure and pressure changes. Even though the service life expectancy of the pipes is more than 50 years, a permanent temperature rise from 70 ˚C to 90 ˚C will accordingly reduce the operational life of the pipe. However, a temperature rise up to 100 ˚C in short time frames is usually unproblematic.


A Healthy Choice

At RAKtherm, we believe health is wealth. Hence we produce and deal with products that are safe and harmless for humans. PP-R 80, as a material, is inert by nature and does not, in any way, react or effect potable water, compared with other materials used in conventional piping systems.


Care for Nature

At RAKtherm, we believe no one can afford to stay back from the responsibility to preserve the ecological causes. A collective effort is the need of the hour. Hence, we have listed ‘environmental compliance’ as one of our company’s core value. We offer environmentally friendly solutions that comply with local environmental regulations.

We are proud to announce that all our pipes and fitting materials are 100% recyclable and can be used again in other plastic products. None of the traditional products which are harmful to nature like nickel, chrome, metal fittings etc can find their way into our RAKtherm product line.

U.V Resistant

RAKtherm Stabi pipes are integrated with aluminum layers and are developed for hot and cold water installations. RAKtherm Stabi composite pipes are convenient and reliable due to its awesome characteristics like Low Linear Expansion Rate (nearly identical to metallic pipes), Higher Flow Rate with Same External Diameter, and Lower Wall Thickness.



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