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PP-R and PE-X pipes & fittings system for servicing a booming construction sector worldwide and in the Middle East under the same trade name. More

PE-X (cross-linked – X; Polyethylene - PE), is a modified and condensed structure of the polyethylene molecule developed especially to improve its physical properties. More


Corporate Strategy
RAKtherm  is more than a company, it is a name that promise a unique experience to its consumers and distributors worldwide. Today, RAKtherm is among the best plastic technology leader in the Middle East. Thanks to its emphasis on the values of integrity, teamwork and innovation. It is this common goal that unifies the workforce and helps them high quality products while maintaining a safe, comfortable and productive environment.

Brand Promise – Delivering Excellence Through Innovation
RAKtherm stays ahead of its competition by the sheer dint of its innovation. The experts employed by the group has an open mind and it continually strives to find better and more efficient solutions to problems through  innovation. The group is progressive and the goal of the management has always been to stay ahead of the curve through innovation and excellence.

Future Challenges – Growing with consumers for a better tomorrow
Going ahead  in the future, the key challenges that the company faces are  multitudinous, nevertheless manageable with careful planning. The biggest challenge that the entire plastics industry faces is that of plastic waste. Hashem Group is consciously and affirmatively managing the issue by approaching the problem professionally.
The challenge is  quite complicated and requires a multi-phased solution. The first phase is to prevent the use of harmful chemicals in the preparation of plastic products. The second phase is about educating customers on the benefits of reusing plastic products through recycling and finally, the final phase is recovering all recoverable plastic waste and putting it back into the production cycle, while conscientiously disposing the waste.

Caring for the workforce 
It is essential for RAKtherm to maintain a culturally diverse and talented workforce to help it tackle challenges and keep evolving strongly as a leading entity in all aspects of its operations. Thanks to its favorable employee policies, the group has never had shortfall of high skilled professionals in its ranks. It has always sought to hire, nourish and retain talented through its employee centric policies and unparalleled training programs, which can be succinctly summarized under the following bullet points:

  1.  Training in core corporate programs and management skills
  2.  Enhancing and supporting employees during transitional phase, particularly during promotions
  3.  Industry specific training (viz: sales, manufacturing, finance training)
  4.  Ethics, compliance and security awareness training

Governance and Corporate Social Responsibility
All significant business matters are overseen by the board of directors. These matters often relate to business plans, corporate responsibilities, legal and ethical issues and human resource decisions to name a few. Since these matters are closely related with the Board of directors, it is ensured that only the best practices are followed. 
Despite its vast range of responsibilities and operations, the group is well aware of its responsibilities towards the society and the environment at large and does everything in its power to ensure that the society as well as the environments is not neglected. This is ensured with the help of the four key environmental strategy:

  1.  Reducing waste through recycling
  2.  Transporting responsibly
  3.  Responsible packaging
  4.  Green IT

Research & Development
Over the years, RAKtherm has investment substantially in R&D activities. Every year consumers of plastic goods are faced with the rising price of products and worried by the threats of plastics to environment. RAKtherm employs the latest scientific process in its state of the art factories to overcome those obstacles and develop new concepts. There is a continuous effort among the experts to keep product prices under control while improving the quality and adding value to the products.


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