Extensive Product Testing and Evaluation

Testing and evaluation is absolutely necessary for us to obtain product optimization. Achieving a clear-cut product superiority to ensure brand share dominancy in the industry and establish customer loyalty.

RAKtherm Certification Conforms to German Quality Standard Comprises of:

German Engineering Machineries

We are equipped with German engineering machineries with state-of-the-art technology. Our product innovation brings technological advancement in the piping industry. Modern technology in our operation is a growing necessity because it gives us new and better approach to provide faster, more convenient and more efficient way to manufacture products. Through this, productivity reaches a higher level allowing for better products produced and faster services delivered to our increasing customers. RAKtherm’s German machineries made it possible to have wider reach in the global market.

Testing and Conformity

Being customer-focused industry, our piping systems undergoes critical product testing to achieve product superiority by intensively monitoring the quality. The areas of our concern are the consumers – their health, product safety, and environment. For this reason, we require testing for conformance with specifications and compliance for safety and other standardization regulations. We ensure that each product meets relevant design that gains consumer’s confidence over RAKtherm products.

German Qualification and Certification

Tested, conformed, qualified, and certified by CSTB, DVGW, HY, SKZ, CARSO, & TUV, conforming to the German standard of 8077/8078. RAKTherm has passed the quality assurance and quality performance tests to ensure that our products are suitable for global distribution and utilization.