RAKtherm at a Glance

RAKtherm- Gulf Plastic and Converting Industries is under the flourishing arm of an illustrious group Hashim Industry, which was established 1963. We are one of the region’s renowned business conglomerates. RAKtherm is the flagship division and pioneer of integrated PPR, PEX, anti-UV, Reinforced, and DVW piping systems.

When foreign investments flourished in the region, a growing demand for construction supplies arise. The group immediately responded to the growing requirements of the industry and expands its product portfolio to include RAKtherm piping systems in order to sustain the demand of the construction sector.

Established over decades back, with a manufacturing facility and corporate sales headquarter in the United Arab Emirates; RAKtherm is the first and largest PPR and PEX systems manufacturer in the Middle East.   

Our Leadership

“The most eminent high-end global manufacturer of piping systems technology”

Throughout the years, RAKtherm is known for its world-class brand delivering effective and efficient piping systems. With continuous pursuance in finding solutions to the major challenges in the MEP industry, we established ourselves highly recognized in the piping industry. Our understanding to the technological quest in plastic piping systems enables us to address these demanding challenges. 

We are committed to making a real difference in providing hi-technological piping innovations that are breakthrough in the industry.