Chairman’s Message

Plastics have changed the world around us in ways more that we can account for, and in the days ahead the role of plastics will not diminish. On the contrary we will see increase use of plastics in novel applications. We at RAKtherm understand our responsibilities and are prepared to meet the challenges and demands of the future through breakthrough concepts and innovative products. 

We invest thousands on man hours in making our organization valuable to our partners and consumers. In addition to that, our research team is making steady progress in creating better and sustainable plastics for the future generation. 

Since our inception we have grown in strength and presence, and today our products gained the trust of 32 different countries. We are capable of producing high quality products and our capability to deliver added value products. Thanks to our dedicated and highly talented employees hired from a diverse cultural and social background. 

We have always worked hard to adhere to the guidelines and standards accepted internationally. To that end, we spend a significant portion of our revenues in research and development. In our R&D facility, while the research and development team is concern in making products better, our marketing team is concern in informing the clients regarding the latest innovations in our company. 

I strongly believe that all the members of the RAKtherm will soon position themselves as the best in their respective niches and expand their reach over a wide geographical area. It gives me immense pleasure to say that today we are among the best companies in plastic converting industries, and as the chairman it is a matter of great pride for me which I intend to uphold by committing to be consistent in our products and services. 

As we strive to make RAKtherm better and more valuable to our customers and employees, I want to thank all who have supported us to reach what we are in today. 

Mr. Ali Hashim