Corporate Strategy

Our corporate strategy empowers us to achieve a unified goal to sustain superior product performance by overcoming business challenges, understanding the industry trends, and working together for a well-defined corporate principle. By means of pursuing growth, delivering innovation, and driving for excellence because we exist to be a leader in everything we do.

Product Integrity of RAKtherm

RAKtherm is all about ultimate piping solutions! a brand that speaks about the product. Over the years, we are able to preserve the quality of RAKtherm, achieving and maintaining excellent performance in the global market. We are committed to provide engineering piping technology with superior product performance for intensified efficiency as we value product integrity. This strategy leads us to organizational growth and limitless opportunities.

Technological Advancement Through Innovation

We are a highly competitive organization established to overcome business challenges through understanding the industry trends and technological changes. Innovation allows us to move ahead for this is our key to success. We focus on providing quality products and simply upgrade them to a level that maintains its’ competitiveness and leadership in the market. Innovation is essential in our organization’s stability.

Environmental Sustainability

We have a significant role in protecting and saving the environment. The main challenges in the plastic industries are the plastic wastes of which we are consciously and positively resolving the issue with multi-phased approach solutions. We set high standards in our operating systems in the area of environmental responsibility, which complies with regulations that will reduce environmental impacts. In doing so, we take the responsibility in protecting and saving our eco-system and preserve it for future generations.