Piping Systems Usage

A versatile and comprehensive delivery system is used in the transfer of high pressure warm/cold water and other fluids in all modern residential, commercial, and industrial applications. The creative solutions provided by RAKtherm in its product base renders it a leader in the industry.

PPR Piping Systems
  • Potable installations inside houses, high rise buildings, hotels, hospitals and virtually all types of commercial and residential buildings
  • Factories with high-pressure water and compressed air circuits.
  • Rain drainage and collection systems.
  • Indoor and outdoor swimming pools, gyms and their water filtration circuits and water installations.
  • Piping networks for all types of irrigation and agricultural applications and Pressurized Piping Networks.
  • Piping networks for all types for industrial applications like the delivery of aggressive fluids containing acidic, alkaline, reactive and corrosive chemicals.
Including Applications for:
  • Connections from municipality water supply to the tanks and reservoirs.
  • Boilers and radiator connections and networks.
  • Risers for water delivery, ventilation, and pressure relief.
  • Water transport from pumps to upper tanks and distribution points.
  • Connections through meters, and distributor manifolds.
  • Distributions inside flats, apartments, houses etc.
  • Under floor network distribution and under floor heating networks