RAKtherm Quality

Our quality management system is defined to ensure consistent high-quality production to intensify product integrity. We have developed a successful management principles based on the concept of premium quality that comprise of planning, quality control, quality assurance, and quality improvement. This principle consists of individual employee involvement in the process that meets exactly engineering requirements to withstand technical competitiveness in global market.

Quality Guarantee

Enjoy the benefit of 15-YEARS WARRANTY for all RAKtherm piping network systems starting from the date of your purchase. You may ask your local representatives for more details.

For more details, click the link below to download our warranty certificate form.

Intelligent Quality Management Systems:


We carefully plan the manufacturing process of RAKtherm pipes by defining the outline on how it will be fabricated. Planning is executed through research, conducting assessments, and deciding the desirable outcome based on consumers’ and engineers’ perspectives.

Comprehensive Quality Control Systems

With continuous globalization of the business, we are implementing a rigid quality control system that covers the entire entity of all aspects associated in the production which signifies complete overview and re-evaluation of product specifications. A comprehensive quality system begins from designing the required specifications, sourcing out meticulously the finest quality raw materials that will guarantee outstanding product output, appropriate packing, proper storage, and shipping to customers.

Quality Assurance Using State of the Art Laboratory

We never comprise RAKtherm’s quality ever since, thus we are constantly maintaining the quality we are known for. Our products and services are progressively enhanced through strict compliance with effective quality assurance system using state of the art laboratory. We ensure that quality requirements are being fulfilled in order to provide suitability, effectiveness, and efficiency of our products.

Consistent Quality Improvement

In today’s fast-paced technological advancements, we are geared towards a better and more effective solution to adapt accordingly by developing our products through innovation. RAKtherm has survived the global market competition throughout the years by creating more effective processes with implementation of new ideas for product improvement and enhancement.