The Future of Drainage Piping Systems Delivered Today

With RAKtherm’s Multilayer Drainage Piping Solutions, we have thoroughly understood piping systems to distribute waste water efficiently. Our in-depth research and development have allowed us to develop a contemporary approach to analyzing piping networks over the past 60 years.

Since we are the leading innovator and provider of piping solutions in the industry, we are dedicated to providing high-quality solutions’ range and services.

Why RAKtherm DWV system?

One of RAKtherm's most recent innovations is the DWV System (Drainage, Waste, and Vent). Compared to conventional pipes, this modern, three-layer pipe is more durable, composed of new-generation premium materials, and has solid walls.

The Ground-Breaking RNP technology from RAKtherm

A consistent middle layer structure, with individual cells, ensures increased mechanical properties. In contrast, an inner and outer layer are integrated to create a "sandwich construction" that surpasses noise reduction, durability, flexibility, and longevity requirements.

RAKtherm's noise-reduction technology

The newest line of PVC-U piping systems from RAKtherm has their Noise-Reduction Technology. One of the most important features of a building's interior design is noise control.Our expertise in pipe engineering can help to fulfill the growing demand for customers' criteria

connected to well-being as building technology gets more intricate and technically demanding. The pipes are constructed using multiple layers of PVC-U for Sound Attenuation System applications that are intended to reduce environmental noise. RAKtherm satisfies the German standard DIN 4109 and EN 14366, demonstrating its excellent efficacy in sewage system noise reduction.

RAKtherm's Triple-Sealing-Lip concept

RAKtherm's Triple-Sealing-Lip solutions are perfectly engineered for PVC sewer pipe systems. An integrated seal for plastic pipe systems for above- and below-ground drainage and sewage systems is provided by the multi-layer reinforced rubber junction.

The triple-sealing-lip solutions from RAKtherm now outperform the competition because they provide a secure seal throughout a wide range of pipe-joint level tolerances while requiring less jointing force. The pipe maker places a DIN lockTM, a combined lip and compression seal, in the socket. Any allowable fluctuation in the groove will be absorbed by the seal.

Geometric Design for Functionality (GDFF)

The innovative design retains the seal securely in the proper position throughout pipe transportation and joint assembly thanks to a flexible thermoplastic elastomeric sealing element that is linked to a polypropylene retaining ring.

The RAKtherm Triple-Sealing-Sip seal is engineered to have a low assembly force at both the minimum and maximum gap, allowing for good compression on each of its three lips. Maximum compression can be used during assembly without encountering any issues.

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