Innovator of UV Fittings System

Anti-UV Piping Systems for Areas With Heavy Sun Exposure

Anti-UV piping systems are better than regular ones in situations exposed to sunlight. That's because ultraviolet (UV) rays from the sun can cause damage to many types of plastics, including those used in pipes.

RAKtherm anti-UV systems are integrated with unique black anti-UV technology for higher resistance against UV rays intended for outdoor applications under direct sunlight. It is the safest and longest-lasting piping solution for outdoor installation.

The creation of RAKtherm anti-UV fittings provides a complete lineup of piping solutions for outdoor installations. Here are some reasons why you should choose these for your next project:

Increased lifespan

Exposure to UV rays can cause plastic pipes to become brittle and crack over time, reducing lifespan. Anti-UV piping systems are designed to resist the effects of UV radiation, which can extend their lifespan.

Lower maintenance costs

Pipes that become brittle and crack due to UV exposure may need to be replaced, which can be costly. By using anti-UV piping systems, you can avoid the need for frequent replacements and reduce maintenance costs.

Higher safety

UV rays can also affect the safety of pipes used in specific applications, such as water distribution systems. When UV radiation breaks down the plastic, it can release harmful chemicals into the water supply. Anti-UV piping systems are designed to minimize this risk and ensure the water supply remains safe.

Improved performance

Pipes exposed to UV radiation can also experience a performance loss over time. Anti-UV piping systems can maintain their structural integrity and performance, even when exposed to sunlight.

We are one of the first manufacturers of anti-UV fittings registered in SKZ, affirming our adherence to the highest quality standard. Interested in rolling out anti-UV piping systems for your next project? Discuss your requirements with one of our customer success representatives here.