Case Study: NSHAMA Development LLC - Innovative U Loop Expansion System for Potable Water Line

Client: NSHAMA Development LLC

Project Type: Residential Building (2 Tower Building)

Project Location: Plot No. 922-8918 (PH-01-09 & 10), Al Yalayes, Dubai

Contractor: Shapoorji Pallonji Mideast LLC

Challenges: Providing multiple expansion joints for the potable water lines in a cost-effective way

Solution: PPR U loop Expansion System

NSHAMA Development LLC, a prominent real estate developer in Dubai, engaged Shapoorji Pallonji Mideast LLC to construct a new residential building of two parallel towers. The project faced a significant challenge in providing multiple expansion joints for the potable water line between the two buildings.

The buildings' expansion and contraction due to temperature fluctuations and other factors necessitated expansion joints to prevent looping and potential damage to the water supply line. Mr. Sujan, the SPOC on RAKtherm's side, addressed this challenge.

RAKtherm proposed a PPR U loop expansion system to tackle the problem. The solution involved inserting two PPR U loops (one each before and after the building joints) with a dimension of more than 2∆L for the width and a minimum length of 4∆L of the building expansion joint.

As an alternative, RAKtherm suggested using SS or certified brass expansion joints. However, this option required cleaning and maintenance every six months due to the risk of bacteria buildup, dust accumulation, and potential blockage.

By implementing the U loop expansion system, NSHAMA Development LLC achieved a cost reduction of 75K Dirhams, and the project was completed within the two-year timeframe. In addition, the solution ensured that the potable water line was installed correctly, maintaining a smooth operation as the buildings expanded and contracted.

In summary, RAKtherm's innovative U loop expansion system successfully addressed the unique challenge faced by NSHAMA Development LLC during the construction of their new residential building. The system provided a cost-effective and efficient solution for the potable water line, ensuring an uninterrupted water supply for the building's residents.