Underground Drainage System: Which Solution Should You Choose?

Numerous bacteria and germs that pose significant health risks can be found in still water. Sadly, when finalizing an architectural design, the issue of proper drainage and the sewer system is still somehow overlooked.

According to reports, the most common cause of deadly diseases like malaria is a poor underground drainage system. In addition, a poor drainage system can result in several environmental issues, including flooding and soil erosion, as well as structural damage.

If you are not sure if your drainage system is safe and installed correctly, read on to learn more about the breakthrough technology that has been unveiled in the piping industry

What is the Underground Drainage System?

A network of pipes called an underground drainage system is made to move wastewater away from any residential, commercial, or industrial site. By flushing wastewater out, water contamination and diseases caused by it are prevented.

Specialty plastic pipes made to function effectively underground are used to dispose of wastewater. Using a drainage system, wastewater or rainwater can be transported directly to an open water body in both residential and commercial settings.

Nonetheless, for modern purposes, wastewater is first treated to extricate destructive synthetic compounds prior to being moved to an open-streaming water body

The secret of the brand-new, ground-breaking RNP Technology has only been made public by RAKtherm.

RAKtherm's most recent innovation is the Drain, Sewerage, Waste, and Vent (DWV) Systems product line. a cutting-edge three-layer pipe with a solid wall construction made of cutting-edge premium materials that outperform conventional pipes in terms of durability.

This uniform middle-layer construction is based on specific cells, which increase the mechanical properties of the pipes. The inner layer and outer layer are combined as a sandwich construction, resulting in noise reduction, durability, flexibility, and long-term service life that exceeds the requirements. This along with triple-sealing-lip solutions is a highly effective seal that requires low-jointing force while ensuring a secure seal across a wide range of pipe-joint level tolerances.

Hence RAKtherm UPVC System is the best option for Underground Drainage System.